Well, since it's been a while since I worked on Frontier's OST, I figured it could use a facelift. My style's changed a lot and I honestly feel that the OST could be a lot better than it is now, reasons both practical and of preference. As such, I'm starting over with the tracks, giving them a much deserved, improved sound (in my opinion). Also, the track raster is going to be a bit more full than before, as I'm finally considering mini-bosses and level boss themes for Frontier instead of having them be built into the level themes.

Before you ask, no, I am not accepting people for soundtrack work, since the team already has 3 musicians on it: me, Pyrif, and a non-LMMS user who goes by DuskyUmbreon, Dusky's Tunes, or just Dusky. (Yes, Pyrif is on the team. He's not on as OST atm but instead as sound mastering/editing.)

And in other news, I have a new track (link below). Again. BUT! It's for Frontier, something I know you guys have shown interest in before! If you were following me closely during the first round of OST writing, please make sure to check up on my SoundCloud every once in a while, I'm planning on getting tracks out more often from here on out. First I just have to clear my old ones and upload to YouTube for archival LOL

NEW TRACK: https://soundcloud.com/peeftube-music/f ... frontier-i