Hi All,
I Am 'Conno' And I'm a 4 month old DJ/producer.
I am searching for somebody to provide vocals for me on a monthly/fortnightly basis, whether that's emailing me the work or uploading it into the 'share' section of this website.
I cannot afford to pay week in week out for 4 rhyming lines, I'm looking for a candidate who would do it out of the honour of walking up the music ladder alongside me to get noticed and to make some good tracks.
I don't mind if you augment you're voice or not, just 4-6 lines of vocals you've thought of.
If Vocals aren't you're thing, I'm currently interested in collaborating with another artist within a similar genre, I prouduce EDM & Future House btw. I'm interested in exchanging sounds and working on a track potentially together. Again, I cannot afford to pay, I just would like to work with someone who too wants to get big in the world of DJing & Producing.
Before you decide, I heavily encourage you to check out my most recent song on my YouTube Channel, to know what you're getting into:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3oet3 ... D8QDsXMafw
I'm not the best I know, but with the right people's help, I'm sure we can improve.
Let me know in the comments, on youtube, or via my email officialconno@gmail.com if you're interested! :)

Many Thanks Guys!