Acid House inspired Track

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Got a new track inspired by the acid house and also the Belgian new / Hard Beat scene. Some automation in there too :)
Feedback needed ;)
Listen to Skool Of Hard Beat by Dewke #np on #SoundCloud
Hi Dewke!

Nice track once again.

Reminds me indeed the Confetti's and their "sound of C" and "C in China" tunes.
I met Peter at this utterly surrealistic acid house party in the central station of Brussels, a stage of the D train that was crossing Europa in the summer of 89. He was hot as a fritkot on a 21st of July (well, we were all...)
I like it, great track. :)

Its definitely acid inspired, and around 1.40 its acid. :)

it does however not remind me of the sound of C ?
Thanks Mo and Gps . Great to here positive feedback :) . I agree with Gps about the link to Confetti (maybe some of the drum sounds). A lot of the inspiration came from this track by Baby Ford. My favourite acid house song. :D ;)
Baby Ford, Nice track and allot of familiar sounds, at least for me. :P

I am almost shouting, aciiiiid aciiiid
Another amazing goodie.
You're definitely on a roll again Dewke.
Thanks Brandy :)