The Party - Kraze, Cover attempt

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Would like to get some feedback

Its just the start

Mine ... er-attempt


How close am I ?

Hi hat is now moved 6/192 to the right. kick starts were you expect it.

The bassline is moved 4-192 to the right.

I cant hear if I am in the right key any feedback on that also appreciated.
Giving feedback to myself ;)

The bass line is not correct.

Listening to a tunnel remix ( what ever is in a name )

And then 2.55 min into the version I am trying to cover. ( the only part were you can at least hear the bassline well enough.

I was using 4 notes, it should be 3. :)

Dum dadum. Dum dadum and so on. Its again a guitar sound getting me into trouble.

The way the strings are hit. That first hit. I can see why I tried 4 notes, but three seems to sound closer.
Isent this close ... ooveremake
Maby i can get time for a tut over the weekend, because this is general stuff
That is not the part causing me trouble. :)

Its the bassline, and that my ears tells me to move some piano roll parts, to an least for me weird positions.

4 /194 to the right for example.

artefacts from using a sampler? Or was this made with midi, I doubt it.

This is were I am now. Added the off beat hi hat, changed the kick. ... er-attempt

This might help better about the bassline, the tunnel remix

and or
at 1.55 its bit easier to hear, the not remixed bassline..

Also found an a capella version, which made me wonder about using some of those samples. :P

This is what I have and it does not sound right, its close but no cigar I think.

I might have found the notes of the bassline.

I got into a talk with somebody playing in a band. ( Guitar )
He asked their bass players about the base line of Kraze the Party.

His answer EEE EEE GGG AAA

I am of course gonna try out how that sounds :)
Gps wrote:
Tue Aug 14, 2018 6:36 pm
His answer EEE EEE GGG AAA
very likely
Then i get 0010 1001 010(1111) for bar1 places, and
.... (loL try and play E G as 1/4 A 1/2 !

... what .. is .. That? plagiarism... ! :0)
It sounds better then what I had. :)

Still not entirely happy. My base sound is not much like the original.

Using a 909 kick now, and I am happy with that kick. That's close enough. ( kick_3 )

The off beat ? hihat though, not happy with that, and I tried allot already.

I do not recognize the plagiarism, but think the entire track is one big sample. ( made with a sampler ) :)

Its starting to sound better though, so progress.

Had to change the key of the song, because of this bassline. :)
This is were I am now. ... er-attempt

Like the 909 kick better then the kick from the original. It starts to sound like something I can live with.
It needs some eq on the piano for sound cloud. bit less highend prob.
Gps wrote:
Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:52 am

I do not recognize the plagiarism,
No..? Those 3 notes, in sequence, are iconic , and forbidden! At least in music stores...
Ring a bell :P ?
That sounds very familiar LOL

Made it in lmms, E and G as 1/4 note then A a 1/2 note. ( pause between the notes )

Some part of me want to say child in time, but that cant be right. This is gonna bug the hell out of me lol,

I will be dang dang daaang all day. :)
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