The Party - Kraze, Cover attempt

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Gps wrote:
Tue Sep 11, 2018 2:21 pm
I should have realized..
If the kick is off, the the bass must be too!
Try and move the bass to 4. beat. what a difference!
I am smiling for days, how a track sounding so simple, can be so hard.
The timing in this track is the big challenge.

For now the bassline starts at 1 and I moved all other notes, to match the timing.

Second part finally sounds riiiiiight.

Second piano part now has a mayor chord then two minor chords.
I started over with copying the bassline into the piano part.
Then tried allot and at first was happy, but something still was not right.

Then I noticed the middle note, of the first chord was out of scale. Then turned it into a mayor chord, and bam. :P

This mayor minor minor chord gives my cover something that was missing.
My musical hearing is not perfect, but I can hear differences. For weeks, that middle part was getting on my nerves.
Why did my 4 front piano not sound like the party ? Sonic visualizer had confirmed my pattern was about right.
Mayor minor minor :D
Now the bass and kick at the right timing, finally makes the second part sound like Kraze too.
Latest version, first two minutes are in. :)
Gps wrote:
Wed Sep 12, 2018 10:22 am
Latest version, first two minutes are in. :)
There you go! Good stuff.
Gps wrote:
Wed Sep 12, 2018 10:22 am
Latest version, first two minutes are in. :)
nice version, is better than the last
Small steps forward. :)
Had a small problem, but solved it.

The acapella version does not have a separate part were Kraze shouts, come-on, twice.

That is what I needed though. I did notice him shouting, come on, ones between shouting : Yo want this party starting riiight ?

So with audacity, cut out the com-on.

Then added an echo to make it sound like he is shouting it twice.

This worked out so well that I am wondering if they did the same for the club version. LOL

There is one difference though. My come-on goes right first and then left.

I am about 2 min 30 into the cover. to be continued. :)
Gps wrote:
Wed Sep 12, 2018 10:22 am
Latest version, first two minutes are in. :)
Dude! You nailed it dude! You nailed it! Even the bass and all. :D
Cool! 8-)
I love it, but its weird. ( the intro )

Intro 5 notes, in a 4 count.

Then the bass comes in, 6 notes in a 4 count. :o

I have stopped thinking about it and accepted I got it right. Al long as nobody asks me to explain it, I am fine. ;)
2m23 in the piano, echo and or delay ?

I have off course tried some stuff already, and it seems echo or delay plugins come close.

This leads to a questions though.

We seem to have in LMMS, echo and delay plugins, and echo delay plugins.

I am totally confused about the difference, if there is any ?

Or is an echo one type of delay ?

I do know stereo is also an delay, one between left and right channel.

There there is reverb, is that an delay too ?

Any ideas, thoughts on what plugin to use for the piano in my kraze cover, at 2m23 ?

I will now first listen to original at a lower speed. Then I might be able to count the number of repetitions ( echo's).
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