The Party - Kraze, Cover attempt

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Tried sonic visualizer, and listened at a lower speed.

I am in deep shit. :P

There seems to be an echo and or repetition, on some of the notes but not on all. :o

Still have to study it some more, but sonic visualizer seems to confirm this.

I Love that program but the picture is not that simple to understand, that needs practice too. :)
( melodic range spectrum )
Small step forward.

The arpeggio part starts to sound good enough. I looked at it with sonic visualizer, and then tried 3 rows of notes instead of two.

E - B - G ( repeat ) There might be some syncopation, but for now I am happy with it. The end is a bit different.
Really sounds like I am close to the original were also the end of the arpeggio loop is a bit different too.

That's more that I can say about the "orchestra hits" I am still failing horrible over there. :(
That part for now wants me to break things, and get me very frustrated.

Today got so desperate I even tried DSK brazz, but only to fail again. :P

First had 4 notes, all the same. Then started to change that a bit, seems like progress but not much.
Did notice there are two version of that orchestra hits, one has 4 notes and the other one 5 notes.
The 5 notes version is used in a transition, the 4 notes one is just to hide the repetitiveness.

For now I can scrape the arpeggio part from the list.

To do:
Orchestra hits ( might have the notes )
Two piano parts.
Then something simple, a percussion part with a slight variation.
Latest version, still work in progress,
You're literally getting, closer and closer to your goal.
I'm listening to it and I literally have to say, "I love what you did, with that piano synth."

The other thing I noticed, is that the synth sounds and instruments, sound clear
and stand out from each other.
I am very happy about the progress I keep making. ( not just with this cover )

I also start to wonder if there is any rap or dance track, that does not have, lets call it fast hi hats
I even dare to say is there any pop song that does not have this ?

Starting to understand the difference between hip and dance music. Hip Hop most of the time does not have a 4 to the floor.
Instead of the kick doing , boom boom boom boom, there is often syncopation in the kick part.

Totally not happy with the brazz hits, but first waiting for a ZynAddsubFx tutorial, which might solve that problem.

I often have that problem, the synth sounds sounding too nice.

I want a bwaap bwaap sound, not a meep meep meep sound :P

There is no awesomeness in my brazz hits, to me they sound terrible. Using zynths beyond tweaking presets, is probably my weak spot at the moment.

Very happy that I a starting to understand why some tracks make me wanna dance, and how the party hides its repetitiveness. The rapper is one part of that equation, but there is allot of other stuff happening too.
Like stuff you cant really hear, but if you take it out, you notice its gone. :)
I have a very soft wooden tick tick sound in the track that definitely adds to the swing of the track.

The piano sound is layered with synth 1, a perky organ preset. I also want to / need to add at least two more kraze samples.

The one were he shouts, the party is not over yet, and the part were he shouts stop.
I have given up on recreating some echo part, but already have something like it which I can use.
Gps wrote:
Fri Oct 05, 2018 12:28 pm
waiting for a ZynAddsubFx tutorial, which might solve that problem.
Mine? Its been up for some week now :)

Yes and thanks, how could I have missed that :o

Gonna watch it now.
musikbear wrote:
Fri Oct 05, 2018 1:45 pm
Gps wrote:
Fri Oct 05, 2018 12:28 pm
waiting for a ZynAddsubFx tutorial, which might solve that problem.
Mine? Its been up for some week now :)
I just watched the vid.
Thank you very much, looks like exactly what I was after, and the next step for me in using ZynAddSubFx.

Next thing I will do, is load a brazz preset and dive into that screen :)
Been playing a bit with zynaddsubfx, after watching the vid.

I slowly start to understand that voice parameter windows.

Also noticed, that the sound I am after might need less voices then the 5 the brazz preset uses.

When I looked at a voice, I was confused at first, were was that sine and other options from the vid.
It did not look completely the same as in the vid.

After some clicking and turning dials though, it did.

It showed the sine wave the vid started with. :) ( and the sine wave that preset had started from )

Now I also need to figure out more about this stacking of voices in zasfx.
Knowing how to turn one or more off is for me already hudge step forward on my journey into zasfx.
This zynth keeps surprising me, its awesome.
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