Some stuff I've made in LMMS since 2006, and stuff

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I've been using LMMS occasionally since 2006.

My first experience with LMMS was in June 2006, so the version of LMMS I used was a very early one. It was also probably not even the most recent version of LMMS at the time since I installed the version from the Ubuntu Linux repository.
I remember it was quite limited and it crashed all the time so it was hard to do much, but I still made a few things with it.

By luck/chance, I've managed to hold onto all the original .mmp/mmpz project files I made with LMMS. It happened naturally as I set up lmms with a folder ~/.lmms-stuff as its working directory, and as I've been backing up my home directory automatically ever since then, the files have been preserved. I'm impressed that modern versions of lmms can still read those old files, although there are occasionally problems with AudioFileProcessor samples being at the wrong pitches.

Here's a few things I made over the years:

quakeguy.mmp (June 30th 2006) ... akeguy.mp3

"the theme of the guy from Quake II" (July 4th 2006) ... quake2.mp3

"gaymix" (december 2006, based on another song I made. also please note that I didn't mean 'gay' in a negative sense) ... gaymix.mp3

"Global Gladiators - Dance Tune" (cover of a song from a sega genesis game, april 2007) ... ne.wav.mp3

"saku" (a song I made for someone on a forum site that I used to post on, may 2007) ... u_.wav.mp3

"sonus2" (april 2010) ... sonus2.mp3

"multip" (sep 2011) ... multip.mp3

"j0hnroddysrod" (late 2013) ... dysrod.mp3

And this month I made two full songs with LMMS

"Samuel Conway PhD" ... conway-phd

"Eunuch" ... 5th-eunuch

Thanks for listening.
I made a new song in LMMS last night. This one is called "RealBad". ... _adj_f.mp3
Quite an interesting bunch of songs you got here. And some of them, have some
really unusual names to them too.

The first two sound like short sound clips samples. And the others:

Geymix - actually sounds good.

Dancetune - has a cool funky beat to it.

Saku - has a style to it. And the ending part, has a cool drum roll type breakdown
..........and an unexpected ending? :P

sonus2 - has a spacey sound to it.

multip - the first 15 secs, sounds like it's an intro, for an 80's song track.

j0hnroddysrod - This sounds like an 80's soundtrack. Sick!

Samuel Conway PhD - This one has that 80's sound to it.

Eunuch - This one sounds, like it has an action vibe to it.

Some of the sounds in your tracks, seem to be a bit mushy and a bit statically noisy.
Doing some mixing and mastering on these tracks, might help, make them sound
cleaner and clearer too. But you have good music composition skills. And it shows
in your music. So nice work dude. :)
dusthillguy wrote:
Wed Oct 24, 2018 4:40 pm
I made a new song in LMMS last night. This one is called "RealBad". ... _adj_f.mp3
Alright I just listened to all of your tracks, now let me comment on this one.
This one sounds really cool.

But I noticed that one or two, of the sounds in this tune, seem to break up a tiny bit.
I think they need to be a bit clearer, because they sound kinda muffled, mushy
and a bit low qualityish. Maybe some mixing and mastering might help here.

Tip: Use some of Lmms' equalizers and effects, on some of the sounds, to make
them, sound cleaner, clearer and add more coolness to them.

But overall, all of these tracks including this one, are a nice bunch of tunes dude.