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Hello everyone, once again here I am to present my composition work. I am 54 years old and I have been writing for a long time, but the computer science, since I met her, changed my way of relating to the composition. Although I do not have the ideal equipment and all the knowledge I need, I continue to compose and try to improve the material I have been accumulating during all these years. I created two playlists in soundcloud, the first only with instrumental songs and the second only with songs with lyrics in Brazilian Portuguese. I hope you listen, enjoy and any and all criticism is very welcome. Hugs from a Brazilian composer who has been using free software since 2005.

https://soundcloud.com/claudio-caldas/s ... dio-caldas

Hey! Personally, I love the sound 8-)
It's cool to hear a total different sound of what i usually listen to
Thanks for your words, Mikko! I apreciated.
Excellent! You've really got what it takes.
From another oldie trying hard to make sense of it.

Hi, Thomas! Thanks for your incentive words. Are you a composer too? Is there any link to know your work?
I listened to all of the tunes in the first album link. And I must admit, that this
is a nice collection of tracks. And you did really good work, on the mixing
and mastering, of all of these tracks.

Com um toque de Jazz - With A Jazz Touch
Hey! This one is really nice. The jazzy, club style blues music, sounds really nice.
It reminds of those old school themed clubs in movies, where people would go to
listen to music like this. And the musicians would wear, fedora hats. Cool tune. 8-)

Mais Um Experimento Do Criador - One More Creator's Experiment
This one starts off really lovely. And I like the 80's style music, heard from 27 secs.
The arps made with the piano sound, are really lovely in this. I like this one. 8-)

Redes Experimentais - Experimental Networks
This one is nice. And it has a really energetic sound to it too.
As soon as that synth sound, come in from 22 secs to 44 secs, I knew this
would be a good tune. :D

Os Mutantes Espaciais - The Space Mutants
This one starts off with a spacey sound to it.
It's quite a nice musical composition, with a slight 70's style to it too.
I noticed that from 1:45 secs, the whole feel of the music changes,
for the rest of the track.

O Criador - The Creator
This one can kinda pass for synthwave music. And I like the lovely arps in this.
I wish it was a slight bit longer though. But it's a cool tune.

Uma pequena impressão - A little Impression
This is a nice super short piano tune. It sounds like something, a great piano artist
would compose and play.

Lamento - Lament
Lovely intro. And that part from 16 secs to 33 secs, with the synth pad
and bass, sounds really amazing. The rest of the track, is really nice and smooth.

Uma Pequena Impressão 02 - A Little Impression 02
Nice short synth tune. :)

Garagem Tecno - Techno Garage
The first 50 secs of this tune, was really calm and lovely. And it's interesting
how it changes, to an exciting sounding tune after that.

PS: I shall listen to the next link, sometime tomorrow. :D
It seems that the tracks, in the second link, have been removed.
But I reviewed your tracks, in the first link, in my post above. Enjoy! :D

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