This music is all made 100% in LMMS --- believe it or not!

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Hi, Everybody. If you thought LMMS is only good for making chip tunes, or house music or edm, you should check out my tracks. LMMS is good for making great rock, funk, new wave, blues, jazz, electronic, chill-out, RnB, hiphop, triphop, ambient, psychedelic, classical, and blends of all those genres --- if you want, you can make music that sounds like a real band playing on a real stage. If you love music of all kinds, you'll love what you can do with LMMS! Every track I make is made in LMMS, for the past 5 years. Take your shoes off ... get comfortable ... get ready to rock, get ready to groove, get ready to chill, get ready to move to the music:

I listened to some of the stuff you have on Soundcloud

- it's pretty impressive and in some instances ............. incredible!!

Proper music - well worth a visit and also a few downloads.

Your newer music, last couple of years, is some of the most outstanding music I've heard in years. And the variety of sound and styles is beyond anything I've ever experienced. I see your older stuff, from 4 and 5 years ago, is more electronic and experimental, and some of it's amazing, but I like your newer stuff much better. I know you said it's all made in LMMS, but is it a mix of recorded real instruments plus plugin instruments? Or is it all plugins? If so, I don't understand how you make it sound so real. Anyway, your music is great!
Thanks for your comments, I'm glad you enjoy my music.
@ Moosikmaker, yes, when I first started, I only used free plugins. Some of them are very good, like ZynAddSubFx, a superb virtual instrument which I still love to use. As time passed and my collection of softsynths grew larger, I became fascinated with hi-quality virtual instruments which sound nearly identical to traditional instruments, and I began to learn to play them the way they are played by musicians who specialize in those instruments. So that's why much of my more recent music sounds "real" to you, and I will always continue to try to improve at that. Again, I'm happy that you like my music.
I love all your tracks from the past 2 or 3 years, they're all amazing. But one of them, titled "Friends Across the Seas", I think should be listened to by every politician in the world. Maybe it should be played at the United Nations, or something. You should release an album.
its one of the more interesting experiences ive had in listening.

what really stole the show, is the fact that we live in the same city!
duuuuude! You're genre of music is not mine at all way long away from what i produce yet i goddamn like your tracks! so creative and impressive! keep it up!!
@ Selartos You mentioned his genre as being very different. I've been trying to figure out what genre to call his fantastic music. It's not like any other genre I've ever heard --- it's just awesome music. What do you think?
Thanks everybody for your wonderful comments. I'm very glad you enjoy my music.
There were some questions about the genres of my tracks. I love all kinds of music, as long as it's unique and done well, and shows some of the unique heart and soul of the musician, and as long as it doesn't sound formulaic. I think music should express all different varieties of human experience and feelings, and those are infinite. So I don't think any song should sound like any other song ever made. And that's what determines the music I like to listen to and create.
Listening to your music inspired me to do something a little different. It doesn't sound anything like any of your tracks, but it was definitely inspired while listening to your music. Does that make any sense? I was hoping to get your opinion, before I post it to the whole forum. I know you might not like it, but I hope you do. It uses almost exclusively ZynAddSubFx, other than some of the percussion sounds.