This music is all made 100% in LMMS --- believe it or not!

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Hi Moosikmaker,

The track sounds pretty good to me although the underlying rhythm is a bit complex between 17 and 28 seconds.

moosikmaker wrote:
Sun Mar 03, 2019 12:12 am
Listening to your music inspired me to do something a little different. It doesn't sound anything like any of your tracks, but it was definitely inspired while listening to your music. Does that make any sense? I was hoping to get your opinion, before I post it to the whole forum. I know you might not like it, but I hope you do. It uses almost exclusively ZynAddSubFx, other than some of the percussion sounds.
Parts of that remind me of Arabic music, specifically Mahraganat. If you added a hype dude and a tabla drop on that intro it could be streets of Alexandria 2016 for sure :lol: :P
MoosicMaker, that sounds pretty cool. I would like to see you expand on it, maybe add some vocals --- lyrics, or even some sparse rhythmic chanting --- the human voice adds a powerful additional dimension of interest to music.
Thanks again for your comments about my tracks, especially when you said that listening to my music energized your own creativity --- that's the greatest compliment one musician can receive from another!
Thanks for the suggestion about adding vocals. I couldn't think of any lyrics that go with the track, so I tried something else. What do you think?
MoosikMaker, I like what you did with the vocals, it was only a little, but it added a lot. And because it was surprising and un-expected, it also shows your unique-ness as an artist and a person. And I suspect you enjoyed doing it. Well done!
Hey, I listened to the first 15 tracks. Absolutely amazing. I wanted to keep going, but I ran out of time. I'll try to hear the rest of them over the weekend. More detailed comments then, when I have more time. Gotta go. Cheers
Ok, I listened to another 15 or 18 of your tracks, all the way down to Don't You Tread On Me, which is probably the most amazing percussion track I've ever heard. Your other tracks are all great, and what makes it more amazing is they don't sound like each other, at all, and they don't sound like any other band or musician, either. I'll try to listen to the second half of your tracks this week. Great music.
Hey, I finally listened to all the rest of your tracks. With the older tracks you made 4 and 5 years ago, the creativity and variety is amazing, but it's obvious you were experimenting and learning about producing music using LMMS and plugins. Plus I checked your other posts during those years and I see you were often asking for help and advice. Even though that early music is not polished and professional like your more recent stuff, I still like it a lot.
LMMS is amazing, just starting to get tp know al the functions and still al lot to learn, great programm and great developers

I am going to upload only tracks made with LMMS and free VST instruments :

Am looking for a singer who wants to cooperate in a few tracks, male or female. Techno music so short lines 5 -8 words

Have fun all

Greets and all the best from the Netherlands
@ zeekerphinder -- yes, you're right, during those first 2 years I was just figuring out how to produce music with LMMS and virtual instruments and effects, and I was frequently posting questions on this board.

I'm very glad you enjoy hearing all my tracks!