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One of My production,
Listen and comment
Its not bad, but are you sure the sound starting at 0:16 is in tune ? :)
It does sound really good :)

About that instrument, there's something really interesting going on with it. The only note that appears significantly out of tune is the fourth in the repeating pattern, but if you listen carefully, it seems to "suggest a major chord with the key" in spite of the track being in a minor key. Anybody else has the same feeling?

This could be intentional and it'd be OK. The instrument is being used clearly to cause a particular feeling. If it's not intentional (the note wasn't detuned on purpose), my guess would be that the instrument is tuned by harmonics to an absolute key other than the one used (likely, the minor 3rd) instead of "squarely" (via 12th root of 2). Nothing to do if it's that way. It will only sound natural if used on that key.

Anyway, this is a lot of guessing and it'd be super interesting to read what the actual case is :)
Rolivhuwa wrote:
Tue Jan 21, 2020 3:55 pm
One of My production,
Listen and comment
Gps and the other dude is right.
That sound that starts playing at 16 secs, seems to be out of tune, with the other sounds. So try to find the correct pitch, so that sound will fit in the tune nicely. And another thing I noticed, is that it also plays out of sync, with the rest of the sounds in the track. Try to move it a bit more in the piano roll, so that it will play in sync, with the rest of the sounds in the track. Overall, this track has some good potential dude. What you have so far, sounds really nice. :D