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Made this funky track in LMMS. I Had a fun time making this, and hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

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Very good sound man !

Just the beginning and the end which are a little "raw" for me, but it's nothing... (:

I love the groove and the synths that are a bit reggae from the start.
My head moved straight away man ! Thanks for sharing. Keep having fun.

Peace ! (: <3
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Thank you for your feedback and I’m glad you enjoyed!

-Karl Huff

The spirit of funk was there! Nice job.

I would add one thing to what ALVDCN04 wrote: the sound of the crash hurt my ears ...
the sound of the crash hurt my ears
Dang sorry to ear that. I will fix that and re-upload it when I get a chance. It is definitely a little too loud.