Need Feedback For Lmms Music On Soundcloud

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Hi, My name twisty hat. I make tracks on LMMS and post them on SoundCloud. Since I just started my account a few days ago, I'd like to hear some feedback on the tracks I've made thus far. The link is right here: (if the link doesn't work, just type in Twisty Hat on Soundcloud, or copy and paste the URL).
Hi Twisty Hat! I had a listen to your tracks, and I think you're off to a good start. They could use a little refinement maybe, but that usually comes with time. Judging by what you posted, you seem to know what you're doing as far as composition and direction goes, and I'm looking forward to seeing where you take this (hence the follow). All I can say is, don't stop learning, and don't be afraid to experiment! LMMS is a very powerful and versatile tool, and the more you learn about it the more it can do for you. Have fun!
Welcome Twisty Hat to LMMS fóruns.
Just like Foggy said, You already seem to have a good direction to what you want to make, but I must advise you that soon you will enter a rollercoaster of feelings around your music production, self-doubt, and probably thinking that your music will never get the quality that you want,
Don't fear, this is all perfectly normal.

What you must do from now on, is to start watching some youtube tutorials about EQ (Equalizing), filters, add some effects to your instruments like reverb, compression, echo, etc. Don't be afraid to try new things.

Discover how to make automation on LMMS or how to add VST instruments and effects to LMMS and a whole new world will open up :D
Check my SoundCloud tracks if you don't believe me, and listen to my oldest tracks and compare them to the newest ones. Only in the last 4 years I took production more seriously but had 1 year without making anything due to work overload, so my current skill is compared to a 3-year nonexclusive hobbyist. I've seen people here that in less than 1 year already produce music with much better quality than mine, so if you really like to learn and have the time for it, you might do it also do it Don't be afraid to do some breaks, that is also very important to keep focus and for your own health.

Quick Links: My oldest SC track: Canilho - Kick Bass and Synth (2011)
Most recent: Canilho - Connections (2020)