Dance Of The War Trolls

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It's been a while. Need some help. I'm working on my mastering skills. Working with 1.2.1 on a new 64 bit computer so things sound different. Anyway, I'm using some new Plug-ins and different combinations of FXs... I think I'm going ear blind. Can't tell if this sounds OK or not... Honest opinions and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! ... war-trolls
To figure out if it sounds well or not, you can listen to your track in different sets of speakers and headphones, or even from your mobile.

Regarding the style of sound that I think you're trying to achieve, for me, it sounds a little bit empty.
This is something that I've been trying to figure out in every single one of my latest tracks.
You must fill the spectrum of sound, in a way the harmonics fill the sound, but if you are not careful, you'll end up producing noise, or your song might end up muddy.

The best trick often is to layer each type of instrument with other sounds to complement it.
Just don't overdo it. reduce all the volumes to get better sounds, apply some EQing if there are any noisy frequencies on any layered instrument, or simply to remove unwanted frequencies.

Thanks for the feed back. I think my son agrees with your “empty” comment. He said the repeating guitar part needed to be changed to a more “atmospheric” plug-in or something. As far as listening to the music on different speakers and headphones, only have a decent pair of headphones and a set of desktop computer speakers.

You're right about the volumes. For some reason, when I export a song, the playback volume is to low.
So of course, my solution is to crank up the volumes and throw on a limiter...arg.

I use the layering method on most of my music... I didn't use it on this one :(

You gave me some ideas. Thanks.
You got alot of good advice already, so all I can say is:
Not bad at all. Good use of sounds dude. Nice work.
But I will admit, it just needs to sound a bit fuller.
Thanks for the comment/critique.

OK, so my understanding from your and Canilho's comments, the overall mastering isn't bad (maybe to loud). The issues are with the plug-ins and the composition?