New Song - Infinity Within

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I finally made a thing in 1.2.1. Kinda synthy/retro. It's an easy kind of sound to settle into with LMMS. For me at least.

Think I'm going to work on some more orchestral stuff next, I would like to start making songs with hopes that I can present them to people for use in games. I still feel inadequate to that task, but no one lives forever lol. Anyway, give me your honest opinion. I kept the drums quieter this time. Wasn't feeling too inspired with the rhythm, so I left it more in the background. I think that the solo at the end isn't that great, so if anyone wants to, feel free to grab the mmpz file and make a better one :)

It's on the Sharing Platform here:

Thanks for all the good vibes fellas!
Holy cakes! Synthwave! O.O
This sounds amazingly cool! Great work!
Hey! This is the style I like the most! :D It's a concept like that of early 90s games with MOD music, but with a superb quality. I imagine this track playing perhaps at the end of a space game, when you've won the last stage.

The track itself is great. The only difficulty I see you may have to offer it for a game is that fact that it's one long structure. That's why I think it'd fit well at a point like when you've finished, so you relax and see the ending while listening to the music. During gameplay, you could use the same idea, but with a simpler structure that wouldn't distract the player with changes, more homogeneous. Also, in the menus or before starting, it can be more changing, but probably something very short. Still, you can take your track as a suite and take parts from it to fit for each of the circumstances and the whole thing at the end. Just ideas. The thing is, I think it surely could work for games and if you create many pieces of this style, you'll realise which ones fit better where. In my opinion, you're heading in the very right direction!
Nice advices and comments dudes.