First LMMS music

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Hello, my name is Vasya.
I decided to write the music for my animation in LMMS, this is my first experience of writing music on your computer.
Used SFZ player plogue sforzando , sonatina symphonic orchestra.
My music starts after the intro(starting from 20 sec), two small compositions .
sorry for my english(google translate :D )
nice job. :)
Here i should only talk about the music, but must say, that you are very good with blender! Impressive. I love the fine details, like the beetle on the trunk.
How long did you work on the animations different parts?

* map-design
* models
* bones & animation
* sounds
* music

Music: you managed to make a film score that simply just IS natural. It is perfect for the animation. The way you let the symphonics take over in the end sequence, is a stroke of genius, and your synchronization throughout the whole demo, is fantastic.

Very good demo!
thanks for good words))
human character was ready as early as last year, but he could not find the right place,and then he needed))
dog, hedgehog, birds and beetles did the day
80% of the time spent on character animation
environment was also created fast enough
music created about a week
Render two days on my weak computer))
sounds downloaded from the Internet,adjust the sound in AE
tell me how to export LMMS project with all the tools, I'll post it...unless of course interesting.
Thank you for the infos - surprize me that you can create the models that fast. especially the very lifelike dog
RETROBUS wrote: tell me how to export LMMS project with all the tools
This i do not understand. Do you mean how to export from lmms, without recording with a second program?
Project| export <select export-form |wave ogg>
no, I mean how to transmit compressed mmpz file with all the plug-ins and tools to be able to open it and see everything inside.
that feature is on the drawingboard :) maybe coming sooner than later, but not possible now.
All saved files (mmp/ mmpz/ mmt) will however contain all factory defaults, but it will ofcause need lmms installed to be able to play.
mmp's are simple xml files, and you can study the structure in any xml-editor

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