A bit of a minimalist track

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I'm trying out a new way of syncing vocals up in LMMS... for this one I took a loop of the main synth bit and exported it into audacity (had to copy it a bunch of times, hence exporting it as a loop) and then sang overtop of the loop, then deleted the loop and exported the vocals back into LMMS as a whole sample, where I added effects and all that stuff. I'm ecstatic at how well it worked, and it's honestly a lot simpler than it might sound, especially when you take into account how easy it makes adding vocals in LMMS proper.

Also, I made this entire track in an afternoon/evening and I'm a little loopy and sleep deprived. But I'm happy. I forgot how much fun this can be. I had WAAAY too much fun making this. I hope you like it. Feedback as always is very much appreciated. Goodnight folks.
Wow! This is a really lovely, cool tune with lovely vocals. Lovely work Foggy.
And good to hear, that you had alot of fun making this track.
Thanks Brandy! I'm thinking of redoing the eq a bit after several listens, but for the most part I think I'm done with it.