Sugarmadness EP

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Hello everyone, maybe someone can recognize me, maybe someone not, but I want to share with you my first EP that I've ever made. It includeds 4 songs in various generes. I have released it some time ago but maybe someone haven't heard it yet. You can check it on my soundcloud and grab all songs in .wav on my bandcamp. Have fun :)
I don't know if its temporary problem, but I cant seem to play that track.
Hmmm... Maybe soundcloud has problems, here's everything fine. I want to notice that's playlist so it might not work on mobile devices.
Works for me, and I always liked your sounds.
Good job !!
There seems to be some weird problem with Firefox.

Just tried chrome and I could listen to the track.

What makes this weird, its just on some tracks on sound cloud, with firefox not on all.

But on topic: Great song.
I found you thorugh the LMMS group on soundcloud, and I just wanted to say, it's awesome to see just what can be done with LMMS! Nice work, LocoMatt!
Killing me softly with his song/s, killing me softly.. OAO !!!
It's so nice to see that You enjoyed my ep ^^