Critique Wanted

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I was hoping that someone might be willing to critique a couple of song for me. I'd like to improve my sound, but I can't find anyone in the real world that knows anything about music. It'd really help me out, and it'd be greatly apprciated.

Thats is a list of my newest stuff, the stuff that Im feeling is heading in the direction that I want to sound like.

Hints, tips, suggestions?

I think it sounds pretty good already.

Are you using the equalizer ? One of the calf plugins.?
Told him his work is beast yesterday xDD needs a second and third opinion though :33
Gps wrote:I think it sounds pretty good already.

Are you using the equalizer ? One of the calf plugins.?
:/ No, honestly I'm just now learning how to use an EQ. I found LMMS's lack of a graphical eq as an issue so I've downloaded EasyQ graphical eq. I've been reworking a few of those tracks with it and I can tell a huge difference. The kicks are more kicky and the bass more bassy. lol.
mrfriendson wrote:Told him his work is beast yesterday xDD needs a second and third opinion though :33
It takes many perspectives to build the whole picture....or in the case: sound. :mrgreen:
Advanced music. I liked the 2 last the most. The first 3 is really demanding, and is perhaps more Experimental-electronca than Dance
As i said on sC -Advanced ballet music, Dance-modern
Nice clean sounds and mixing!
Thank you for taking the time to listen and reply, musikbear! I'll take the "advanced" lable as a compliment, and I'm glad that you think that the sounds are clean and the mixing is good, because that was my main concern.

Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but what do you mean when you say that the first three tracks are "demanding"? Do you mean that a listener must try hard to find them appealing?
I mean that they are not mainstream tracks, and some may think that they are too advanced :)
I should preface this by saying my tastes in music are not exactly mainstream and my hearing isn't great (too many years playing too loud).

But I liked the second track a lot. Different enough to keep me engaged. The vocal sounds that open it and recur throughout are particularly good and the overall balance is excellent. I would have liked a little more development after about 2:30 but it ends well. I'd be very pleased if I could produce something like this myself. I'd probably have placed it in one of the Ambient sub-genres but I can never remember which is which so you can ignore that.

The fourth track I find actually painful...too many very high pitched sounds for my hearing to cope with (but that's my problem not yours).

The last track is also very appealing if a bit more mainstream. Again a nice clean sound, some good bottom end and overall balance.

Thanks for the clarification, musikbear!

Also, thanks for the feedback, slipstick!

As I had mentioned before, the overall sound was something I just wasn't sure about. I was thinking it sounded ok, but I'm not as well trained as some of you guys when it comes to pointing out "muddy" sounds, ect.

I'm glad you liked PSYrensSong, slipstick! I worked a long time on that track, well a long time for me, and it was really the first track to be completed from the Lost Souls ep. I'll admit that the Sulfur&Sunshine is a bit obnoxious, but to explain myself a bit, I was trying to emulate, in my own style, the sound that is popular in radio dance music.

The last track, Cordelia, was inspired by a character from Buffy: the vampire slayer and later Angel. Cordelia Chase to be exact. You might listen to the track and not see the connection, but it's there if you ask me. Though I might have chosen a better title anyhow.

Thanks again for the critiques, friends!