new track : ChilledNebula

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New track in the style of chilled DnB /fusion
Comment a.o critique most welcome on yT :)
That something different.

I like it, I think I call this difficult music. This tune not really following the beat ?
Don't know how else to describe it.

Great job :)
Thanks :)
yes , the bpm is really high, but the notes are longish and with pads and such. Real DnB takes this even further, with rolls and other elements from trance, but for this tune i went for the more jazzy/ fusion kind of DnB, almost with an amen-breakbeat'ish percussion.
Is it to 'poor' should it have more parts.. thats one of things i wonder
(not played a lot, nor liked :)
Well about those likes. Remember my out of key popcorn ? That got a like to my big surprise.
musikbear wrote: Is it to 'poor' should it have more parts.. thats one of things i wonder

I always wonder the same thing. How do you guys decide how to arange your songs?

Anyways, to point. I really enjoyed the track you've shared. Also, I found your tutorial on keys and scales particularly helpful!

Keep going, make more music.

Are you on soundcloud?
Thanks! Very pleased that you like my tuts :)
Yes, i am on soundcloud,
but i only have the limited service, so i only upload shorter versions/ excerpts of my tracks on sC, i prefer to use youtube, where i have partnership, and unlimited upload :)