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Finally finished the vid.


Feedback on track and vid appreciated.
Gps wrote:
Tue Jul 21, 2020 2:58 pm
Finally finished the vid.
You solved the camera problem!
That is good!
Perhaps you should see if you could animate the green wall 'window' and the blue one too, in f.i. different sections of the corridor?
You could also send some 'pulse' through the tubes, maybe have some sparks flying (particle-effects)
The best improvement in 1.01 :p -would be camera movement as if a person was walking through the corridor, on its way to the club
And heres one to really challenge the blender part.
The persons shadow on the wall.. (ver. 2.0 :)

<3 great work!
Thank you, and as far as I understand it now, I could have the entire corridor react to music.

it's called a displacement which get driven by the music track you add.

No idea about the impact on the render time though.
I already turned some settings down, to reduce render time.
I'm glad you are enjoying making 3d Stuff. ^*^
There's a lot of cool stuff that can be done with 3d, it might be a litle bit overwhelming sometimes. So just take it step by step if you want to keep learning for you to create music videos or just general 3d scenes and animation.

Look up Blender Guru ( Andrew Price) he as a ton of tutorials for Blender on youtube.
He also has a great video on how to reduce processing time for rendering. Very useful.

For quick but power stuff you can look up also "Jan van den Hemel" twitter and site. He is a reference with tons of experience on 3D and special effects. He alone makes Hollywood quality content and FX for movies.

Regarding your song, the only feedback I can give is that you should review the EQ of your instruments. Some seem to be on different power scales, making it look they don't merge together.
Your kick, in the beginning, seems very clean but flat. That is not bad, but maybe you should complement it with another kick sound or sub-bass to make it fatter and sound nicer to the ears.

The effect you've made in the middle of the track is very well done. Keep trying more effects, so you can gain more skills and implement them in future songs.

Congrats on the video tho. Really good job.
Thank you, and I am looking at the track again, Blender gave me a nice break, but I was not totally happy on how it sounded yet.

For the vid I used an mp3 version though, next render I will use the .wav file directly from LMMS.
Added a kick, and layered the piano with synth 1, to make is sound more fun.

Also found something interesting last night, about Procedural Textures in blender.

You know that each instrument has their own frequency.
So you can render stripes of frequencies of your song with a Low pass and highpass filters, and use each "stripes", to animate different object groups, instead of using the whole song...
This is how people "cheat" animation and animate instruments or objects.

Never tried procedural Textures, but by the video sounds easy and powerful stuff. Nodes unleash a lot of power for creativity.
If you like Synth 1 you will love also Surge VST. Look it up, it's free. I've been using it a lot lately.
Gps wrote:
Tue Jul 21, 2020 2:58 pm
Finally finished the vid.


Feedback on track and vid appreciated.
Wow! Gps that is super amazing work! And that is some fantastic 3d modelling you did there. I enjoyed watching the whole vid, and journeying through the corridor as the tune played. And I like how it ended with the name of the track on the wall. Very creative music vid. Also,the music goes really well, with moving through the 3d space corridor. Great work. I will press the like button, as soon as I log into youtube tomorrow. :D
I was still working on the corridor, but I might be done now.

Added a texture, so the walls look more interesting. Also made the corridor longer, so camera will move faster.
Made the pipes more reflective.


Also have been working on the music track. :)
Nice texture. It really makes the corridor stand out more.
Thank you.

I also redid the floor mesh, was not happy with it.

Now will have to do allot of no fun stuff, to use the wave file from LMMS, instead of the mp3 I was using.

That comes down to me having to redo all the moving lights. :(

This gives me an opportunity though, to not just have a surface move but bars coming out of the walls.