can someone tell me the best way to get the bpm

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hey i have been working on mixing some songs and have been told that I am off beat what is the best way to get on beat.....this is my latest attempt ... asucoaDc97
can someone respectfully tell me what to do to get the lyrics to match up with the beat.....i tried using this as a tool
but I am not sure how to use the information that it gives me.....if someone could respectfully give me a hand I would appreciate it.....


I suspect not only the bpm is wrong.

You're not in the key right either I think. ... I3NnleHgmm

Claims its F sharp and 122 bpm I am more leaning toward 120 though.

To make a cover like you are doing both bpm and key (scale) need to be right.
@Gps I also use that site for BPM when I want to make a quick check.

When I want to change the speed or the tone of a track, I often use Audacity.
After you know the track Bpm, you just change it to your desired Bpm, and save the new sample.

Regarding the beat. There is a lot going on.
You are trying to place lyrics and a beat that really don't match up.
You can go the hard way, that is making the beat, and afterward processing the vocals to match the beat, Tonality, speed, chopping parts if needed.
Or the easy way. You place the vocals on a track and make a beat that makes sense next to them.

There are no big tricks here. You just really have to work on one process that makes sense for you.
Or you can get really good at music, and do it like Charles Cornell.