Is this the Bigroom we are in

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Rolivhuwa wrote:
Tue Oct 06, 2020 12:34 pm

Using Tone Z VST
Hi Rolivhuwa,

Nice I like the dissonance atmosphere created by the detune, the kick/bass is nice as well. The intro is also nice. Im less fan of the break parts.

However you mention "Bigroom" in your title. It doesn't look like Bigroom, cause a few things are missing to looks like it, especially on the drop: your kick has to punch in a four on the floor rhythm. Also you can add brass and more effects like big snares and also sweeps effects for the tension of the overall. Moreover even if you seem to hit at the right bpm (around 128-130), you can add shortest notes in your lead to give to the track a speed impression.

Last advice that I also have to take into account myself. To give a lot of power of Bigroom tracks, it's important to layer the lead with chords to accompany your melody. It will give a lot of volume to your lead if you find a good association between your chords and your melody.