Synthwave Electro? - "Dystopia"

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I always find it hard to put my tracks into one style. This is Dystopia (Soundcloud)

Why the name?
This year took a big toll on me, and It's been hard for me to focus on anything really.
After 10 years of non-stopping going around and around, traveling a lot because of work and almost having no time for myself, I've decided that this year was going to be my chance to try to enjoy my own time, and do something different with my time (and my life). But then Covid happens.

I could finally spend some time with my family, but I traded everything else I had in exchange for that extra time. Career, friends, and maybe more.

Even if I don't regret doing it, it is hard to disconnect from some people that we love, and some good friends.
I feel like I don't belong anywhere, since my heart is split between 2 places, and I can only be in one.

Best part tho is that now I can work to get my own Music/Tech Studio.
Wish me luck
Good luck, and I have no idea what genre your track is. It sounds good though :)