First Song Published. Oh, My

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Finally, it is here. I know it could be technically better, but so far I can only like it the way it is. And I could have delayed this even more because of lack of proper equipment, cloudy weather or whatever. Anyway, I was trying to wake my daugther up so we can do the dance fitness routine together. Easier said than done. So, this song is a fruit of mild frustration, lol.

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Snooze button - Lyrics

Snooze button snooze button
More like a lose button

Please wake up, precious Royal Highness
And would you overcome your shyness
To tell us what you did
It wasn’t a miracle, divine
Like turning water into wine
But still, you made beer disappear

Disco time to shed a pound or two
So get your lazy self up, you
Don’t spend all day with your iPhone
It’s easy now while you’re still green
Wait till you’ve been where I have been
It won’t be extra pounds but stones

Please wake up, coffee’s getting colder
Everybody’s getting older
And the world has gone to hell
Maybe it’s smart to sleep right through it
But I just won’t let you do it
Cause alone I don’t dance well

Disco time to shed a pound or two …
it's actually nice
SarahSimm wrote:
Wed Dec 16, 2020 4:25 am
it's actually nice
Thank you, Sarah. I was really hesitant about publishing any of my songs, what I have had out by now were instrumentals. But now it's out of the bag, I feel much better about it, although not everything is perfect.
Be confident, my friend! :)