My 6th track in lmms and it still sounds awkward :(

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Hey everyone! :)

Beginner here, started a few months ago learning lmms and music production in general. This is my 6th track that I made in lmms but I still feel I haven't improved since my first track.

Any tips on how to improve faster? I'm listening to a lot of electronic music lately, watching tutorials and everything. But when it comes to actually working on a track, I always get stuck in a way and what I do just sounds as if it's not an actual song. Don't know what to do about it. :(

Any advice would be much appreciated!
It is a very chill and pleasant track.
I understand your feeling about your track, that is something almost every one goes through.
I can see you are already doing some things pretty well for the mixing stage.
Some tips:
I usually use pink noise as reference for leveling the sounds together.

Layering is also important to create new fuller sounds from the original instruments.and if you apply effects over them like small reverb, echo and compression it can make it sound more full.
Applying automations to filters adds extra movement in the sound, even if the notes aren't changing.
There are a lot of small other tricks you will learn with time, and that just comes from experience.