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Hello ! On the link above is all of my music in its final update , its something like an album . I cant say its that great but I cant improve it anymore . I've reached the dead end of this project , the guitars !
I plan to turn this into full electronic chiptune-video game music . Smaller songs, simple structure , with no heavy drumming and no guitars but I will try to keep it dark and horror themed .
The thing is I am the only person to listen to my music and I dont know if its good after listening it so many times .
Any feedback is appreciated
I`m just listening now to the entire album, I`m at the track number 5 and I`m impressed and amazed. So far until now this album is an entire gem. Obscure, impressive, experimental, unique and overall a great production. All I have listened until now is perfect to be added as soundtracks on a combination of SF and Horror movies. I can`t add more from a technical point of view, I will let other who are more experimented to give advice on this matter, but I don`t think it needs nothing more or less. It`s just perfect!

If I may ask:
How much it took you to make the entire album or how much time it takes for one track?

Hi ! Its a bit hard to listen to the whole thing ! Thank you for the feedback !
This took me alot time more than 100 hours for a song , I had to listen to it many times until its not boring at least for me and improve, add parts and things but I guess I have to stop at some point or maybe take a big break . I made this just for fun I'm not promoting or selling it .

Here is a list with what I used :

ZynAddSubFX the steel bass preset -bass
LMMS dynamics processor,bass boost,crossover equalizer,stereo enhancer effect

And the rest are free , a bit old but work pretty good with LMMS .

Mt - powerdrumkit
Sonatina horns,trombon,tuba,choirs,timpani,percussion
Vsco2 violin,organ
Dsk the grand piano
Chau gongs

Nabla (electronic synth sounds and the voice thing)
Orch strings uncut plugins -string synth
Dvs Saxophone
Cellofan -cello
Inoxflute synthedit -flute
Dvs Guitar

A1 stereo control
Voxengo Marvel CEQ
Dimension Plus epicMstudios
Protoverb U-he
Deadduck reverb
Tb omnisone toneboosters
This is impressive! With little free plugins and a lot of dedication you managed to do something that i can call an entire complete album that is worth to be put there together with other complete albums. I understand the desire to be perfect and always add or take out things until it sounds how I want, how we want and you are one of the examples for me that it can be done. I`m very critique when it comes to albums and in my opinion, regardless the genre this is how it should be done, what i call a concept album, from start to finish. I find it very important for an album to be cohesive, to have a certain theme and feeling and even if it is an album with different musical genres the artist still has to somehow glue the tracks together around a certain concept.
I struggle with this but is my lifetime dream and whenever I find someone who managed to do it, and you did it completely, at least for me, I try to learn from it, that`s why i asked about how many hours you worked on songs. I appreciate your masterpiece and I thank you for making it come alive.
Thank you also for taking time to list all the plugins you used for the album.