Alright, i'm writing this on 6/9/2021 and the sharing platform is bugged and nobody can upload anything since the 1st, so this will be the main place where I'm sharing this. - Soundcloud link

You ever look out of a window on a rainy day and just have an existential crisis? Yeah that is basically this song. I hope the melody is catchy enough for this song to be likeable, because the transitions and percussion have drove me to take a small hiatus from LMMS. I'll be back, but not anytime soon. I'm taking this time to learn VSTs and VeSTige, because I've hit a wall with song development.

The core of this song focuses on repeating melodies and leitmotifs, just like Tokyo and Tokyo Redux.

Hopefully I can upload the LMMS track once the sharing platform stops having a stroke and logs me out whenever I click "Add File". When that happens I will update this. I'm working on the Clone Hero chart soon. Once I finish with that I'll be right back here.

Disclaimer: None of the development occurred during rainy days.