A Brief History of the Means of Production

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...is the name of my first album, which you can find as a "pay what you want" (==free :D ) download on Bandcamp and pretty much any streaming / digital download platform under the artist name "Signals In Noise".

I'm a long time user but first time poster, so let me take this opportunity to first thank the folks behind LMMS, this is a remarkable piece of software, especially for its price! ;)

Then to the album itself: It's sort of an auditory time travel through the various forms of human society from the hunter-gatherer-days on "Fire", through the agrarian "Sickle" and industrial "Hammer", to the glitchy "Ether", which in the spirit of remix-culture is built almost entirely out of elements appearing on the previous tracks. I don't know what genre to call this. I'm definitely influenced by ambient, IDM and post-rock, but I don't know if this really fits under those labels :D Let me know if you have a better suggestion!

The whole album is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license, so feel free to use it in your own projects as well. I've made some fragments of the song "Ether" available on freesound.org as well (although at the time of posting they're still waiting for moderation). I'm currently at the end of a very weak internet connection, so the selection is limited, but I might post more fragments once I get back to civilization. Let me know if you're interested! :) Also, if there's a specific fragment that you'd like a clean version of that I have not uploaded, you can always send me a private message.

As I said, this is my first published album, so any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! I have a couple of other projects on the way so if you like this sort of stuff, be sure to follow me on the platform of your choice so you don't miss when I post new stuff some day in the not-too-distant future!
Hi there! I listened to all the 4 tracks and I enjoyed the musical journey so much. The sonic of the tracks match perfect with the story of the album and each song in part. Your album is what I can call 'a collection album'. It follows the concept, it is interesting and captivating and its also great to be used in some sort of movies, being them short, independent or even long standard movies, maybe even documentaries, where I think they match a lot. My favourites tracks are the first 2. Thank you so much for this amazing musical journey and also thank you for letting me discover a pack of sounds on freesounds!

My only feedback is that I would have enjoyed the tracks to be a bit louder overall, not by too much, maybe 1-2 db, but if it had would affect the great dynamics you have on them, then is better you mixed and and mastered it like that. Not an expert, so the feedback is based purely on being a listener.

Have a great day ahead! Cheers!
Thank you for the kind words :) It's great to hear that the album achieved what it set out to do!

And yeah, I agree about the loudness. While I'm pretty happy with the mix, I did minimal mastering (on account of not really knowing what I'm doing when it comes to that, and wanting to move on to making new music instead of spending time on that :D). I was even considering getting it professionally mastered but that seemed like a bit too much of an investment at this point, maybe next time! ;)