Unfinished Hardstyle piece + goodbye for now

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my time has come to move on to some better software for making hardstyle (looking at FL studio on Windows) so for now I'm abandoning LMMS and perhaps Linux too for a while. I've learnt a lot through LMMS past year, and this shoud definitely continue as a freeware, open source project but for now the synths and program aren't powerful enough for my needs.

I couldn't really get VST's working that I wanted either so I'm sure about my choice.

But I can't just leave without something I can finally be proud of, so here's some hardstyle made in LMMS : https://soundcloud.com/tycoonie259/ttguw-lmms-preview , tbh I really find some parts cringy but I'm really happy with the second part of the climax and the transition between my intro and build-up.

All native instruments/samples except the kick drum (frontliner sample), the violin and the piano. Lead is a 4 layer (3 times tripleosscilater and 1 ZASFX instance) and doesn't sound that bad.

Nothing else to say,

I'll be back.
First - nice track , fine melody
Good luck with your music!