a pretty cool song

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Hi i am Leche. I have been working with LMMS for a few years now and i have had my fair share of good and bad songs. I hope this one is a good one.
Where is it?
Hello Leche, welcome to the forums. Now, let's have a listen, shall we?
Hello Leche.
Welcome to LMMS forums.

We need a link to your cool song, so we can listen to it. :)
I apologize for my mistake. It is here https://soundcloud.com/user-494489455/leche-overide
This sound has more potential if you would turn some parts down and stop the clipping (compressor or a limiter, or playing with your mixer would suffice)
Welcome to the community!

This could be a good house track
you start very good 0..15 is super, then you change to a not very interesting up/dwn thing.
I would work the first 15 sekd part -Make variation of that to build a progression. Perhaps use the up/dwn part in a few beats, but then work with some effects