New album - Vector

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I have finished album #6 - Vector. It is jazz, most of which is on the more whimsical side. The first cut is 'At First Sight'. The link is below. Enjoy.
I've posted the second track from Vector to the link above. It's called 'Dreams of Falling'. Enjoy.
I've posted the third song - Zoot Suit - from the Vector album. It's a song about a guy who is trying to feel like he belongs in his fancy threads. The youtube link is above. Enjoy.
I've posted the fourth song from Vector to the link above. It's called 'One too Many' and is about drinking too much. The drums wander between 5/4 and 7/4 against a 4/4 beat to achieve that stumbling feeling. Enjoy.
Track #5, 'Too Far, too Long' is now posted to my youtube channel (the link is above). This is a more mellow piece than the previous. Enjoy.
track #6, Greeting the Day is now posted to my youtube channel (link at top of page). Beware, this song is for happy people only.
track #7, Lucky Ticket is now posted to my youtube channel (link at top of page). It has a bit of an island feel.
Track #8, Making Memories is now up on my channel. It is standards based jazz. The link is above. enjoy.
I've posted track #9 from Vector to the link above. It's named 'Empty Tip Jar". Enjoy.
In other news, I received the most curious comment (below) on the 'Making Memories' track.

quote {
you need to find better VSTs, use some effects, even only subtly, and mix this. the notes and melodies aren't bad at all. your composition is actually quite nice. but it sounds like you made it in LMMS. It sounds like cheaper than cheap.
} end quote.

Well, the commenter is correct about my use of LMMS. However I guess he failed to notice the compression that I applied to the percussion. Nor did he hear the reverb which I applied to all the instruments. As for VSTs, I use the Fluid GM almost exclusively so I'm not sure what he means.

I ask you, does my material sound 'cheaper than cheap?'

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