LMMS Downloads page hacked

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If your p/w is something simple, you might want to double-check your project downloads. Somebody guessed mine, so I'm having to re-upload. I'm not the only one that got hit by this either.

Yeah, somebody's being a jerk-face and deleting stuff being given away for free. How about that?
(If they're so l33t, there are much better things to do with hacking skills. Like exposing fraud, abuse, corruption, and backdoor dealings. Ruining stuff for no good reason is a waste of talent, provided there's actually any involved.)

Also does anyone know how to reset the p/w on that page. Apparently it's not the same as the main SF password, and the acct. settings button there doesn't seem to do anything other than bring up the same page again. Until this can be fixed, it's still vulnerable.
hi paul, i have also lost everything that i have ever uploaded to LSP, including presets, samples, themes etc.. I also cant seem to change my userpassword. I did however change my password to a stronger 1 for the lmms-wiki as i have admin privileges like deleting stuff, this would not have been good if there was no backup files . Im hoping that this may be a server problem more than a hacker, the server crashed some time ago and everyone lost their stuff that was uploaded after a certain date. i will not upload anything until i know for sure what is happening, maybe the lmms-user/devel mailing list is the place to go with this problem.
Has any of this been addressed?
all of LSP is compromized. there will be a rewrite later, i am told. Right now, some security anhancements has been added. it stops some of the simplest hackers.
Wait a couple of days before dl stuff, then it should be 'ok' to do that again -i hope..