Trancy song (not sure if classifies)

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Hi all,

I recently got a "studio upgrade" being a laptop which my parents gave me (not so good specs, just good enough for producing though) and decided to go for a set of studio monitors while I was at it. (Studio monitors do make a huge difference, I really recommend to get them if you have the money)

But anyway, I wanted to start using FL Studio on my new laptop but it lagged really bad at the sample project and VST's lagged too so I decided to get back to LMMS after all, and only use built-in plugins and a soundfont even though I thought I never could get any quality with LMMS.

The result is some trance-ish song with a happy melody and some heavy kicks in the end, link : (if it would be a specific genre please let me know, I took inspiration from Basslovers United, The Hitmene and DJ Splash)

It isn't mastered, but I'm not sure if it's even nessesary as the mix, at 80% master volume, came out pretty loud already.

I'm really proud as this is my first track I actually finished 100%, and I'd like to hear feedback from you on my track. If you have any questions on how I did a certain sound or so feel free to ask.

Interesting music track.
Your sound track, sounds like a combination, of old school type hardstyle trance music, Romanian edm type music and europop. The crazy version of europop type music heard like a decade ago.
Which does sound kinda cool though. Ha! Ha!

Though this soundtrack is not my style of music, it does sound pretty good though.
And it is quite enjoyable to listen too.

Nice lovely piano keys start up too.
I would never have expected to hear, a piano starting a music track like this.

Very nicely done. :)

PS: Sorry if I didn't go into more detail, with your music track.
It's 11:11pm here at home and strangely, I am feeling very tired. :o
I'll listen to it again tomorrow. :)
Its a nice track, Do you want me to translate the comments into English ? (its dutch, but not very use full I think)
yep a mash of europop and hardstyle i guess, and its good. The piano part definitively has a trance feel, but then it goes into a happy phase, and the donk points to hardstyle, so
'Happy hardstyle' :)