with or without (not you, but) alberti

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I have two small excepts of a project, with two variations, Im split in respect to what sounds best, The first part is with alberti-piano*, the second without, but whats best

(*alberti is a 'kind' of arpeggio, very often used in old classic music
I get them 80's vibes. :P
I think you should use the first one as the main melody and the second one as a kind-of-climb-up-back of some sort.
Yeeeeess! This is Cool bear!! I myself, definitely an got an 80's vibe from this. 8-)
Just as sonicspeed said. Main melody for first part, and the second for the climb up.

This would definitely sound good, for a trance song.
You're making really good melodies bear. And I like what I'm hearing so far. Keep it up. :)))))
Nice to hear another music track/short test wip from you. 8-)
Thank you both of you, yes as climb up it could -perhaps- work, im just feel that the alberti maby obscure the syncopation.. Properly another 'shelfed' file.. :p