Ambient song: My Love For You <3

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Hey guys :)
Phew, 3 songs of trap in a row can be exhausting... We need something more low key! Here's a song I made for you guys.
Copied from sc:
"I luv u guys for (used to be) 80 followers and 200 plays on my song "My heart swells for you". Here's a free download and this song shows my emotion for how pleased I am to be with u guys <3" - Om Nom Nom Click to listen, guys:
Luv u guys <3
Lovely music! 8-)
Twice in a row, I've listened to this music track.
I love it already. 8-)
I wonder if I can play this on keyboard with some practice considering it sounds not that hard. Nonetheless, a great track imo (I wonder if it this one is use in dramatic scenes?) :D
yeah, I'd like to see you do that :)

Thanks brandy! Really means loads! :D

I'm thinking of releasing this to be remixed on lsp... Just can't figure out my password on lsp lol!