Sf2 to preset?

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So I was trying to make a ramix of of a midi and was using a soundfont, but the original track had a pitch editor so how do get the pitch editor to work for the sonfont replacing the original track that the pitch editor is changing. Alos is there a way to make an sf2 into a preset?

(ihope this makes sense) thanks
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RetroReMixer wrote:
Sat Oct 16, 2021 2:38 pm
how do i get a pitch editor to work for the soundfont
Our soundfont-plugin has a PITCH dial:
It is the 3. dial from left. The range influence how graduated the pitch-change can be.
is there a way to make an sf2 into a preset?
Yes, in the same row of controls there is a button with a diskette symbol. Click that and you can save a preset of the soundfont.

Thank you but I still don't get how to access this diskette option

edit: nvm