LMMS and Carla: incorrect saving of some instruments

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On LMMS 1.13 and LMMS 1.2 (Linux), I'm using Dexed which is a cool VST and LV2 clone of the DX7. The VST isn't working properly with LMMS, either on Linux or Windows (it's a pity because I wanted to work on some tunes with a friend which is using windows and it's not possible this way). LV2 is ok (except some random crashes)

The main problem is some instruments in the LV2 plugin are not correctly saved. I'd say 1/10 of them has this problem (most are saved ok). After reloading the song, we notice some settings in the instruments are different from what they were before saving them, so it sounds odd (for example in a FM instrument, the algorithm used will be the 1st instead of the 15th).

So I save my instruments separately (in the LV2 settings), and can load them this way. But I wanted to know if it's a known problem, and if not, how I could investigate and help to fix this.
garvalf wrote:
Fri May 26, 2017 4:54 pm
On LMMS 1.13 and LMMS 1.2 (Linux), I'm using Dexed
afaik both carla and dexed is pretty much hit'miss.
Some has had 'success' but then a project wont open, or they have save-problems.
in all respect carla usage is very limited, and definitively connected to linux distro and local installed packs. Maybe someone that has been able to use carla chimes in, otherwise im afraid carla / dexed is unsupported as is for now
I've noticed something new. I save my instrument into the native LV2 instrument (dexed, in this case). When saving the song in the LMMS format, as I said sometimes it doesn't reload correctly. BUT, if I open again the carla baypatch rack, clic on the option button to load the LV2 interface, then select the instrument again, it will reload correctly into the song. It's a bit tedious to do this for every instrument in a song, but it works at least...
now with latest Carla (2017-08-28) and latest dexed (2017-08-26), it's even worse, there is no sound and we must reload every instrument individually. I've upgraded lmms to latest version and now I just crashes when I'm using carla baypatch :(
I'll make a report on kxstudio forum if there is one.

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