song playback while recording in b/b editor?

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ive got an arrangement of five different tracks from the beat/bassline editor in the song editor. now id like to use a lead vst and record a 6th track in the b/b but play it along with the tracks i already arranged in the song editor. i noticed that it wont allow me to record in the song editor as the keys for it are grayed out, although when i hover my pointer over the record/play button in the B/B editor, it says something along the lines of "record while playing tracks from the b/b editor OR song editor" reading that i tried figuring out how to do the latter to NO AVAIL! how do i toggle what is played when i hit the record/play button?
I am not sure about youre problem, but the piano roll has two midi record options.

One is simple recording, the other one, plays all the other tracks too. That's probably the one you want.
youre right it is the piano roll im talking about, my apologies. the problem is the same though, i dont understand how to toggle from it playing whats in the bb editor when i record to playing whats in the song editor while i record.
I think the problem is that BBE by definition makes loops of various lengths but always looping whereas Song Editor just plays from beginning to end with no looping. So when you're creating a loop in BBE it doesn't make any sense to play whatever is in Song Editor at the same time.

Usually for lead synths and that sort of thing you record directly in Song Editor by putting the synth in there and recording in that piano roll.

Does this help ?

Second reply from musicbear.
and a video
Maby not exactly the same, but is shows the buttons in action
Yes this helped! Thanks a bunch guys this is an aweosme forum, glad to be here. now im facing another issue i may want to make another post about. One step forward, two steps back right?