Won't load recording!

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:? :!: When I record a sound in the voice recorder (seperate from lmms) then load it to the audiofileprocessor it shows the location of which I loaded it from but it does not make any noise... why?! :? :!:
Does the waveform appear in the AudioFileProcessor?
is it an mp3 ?
Gps wrote:
Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:17 pm
is it an mp3 ?
weatherman06 wrote:
Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:55 pm
Nae, that not a sound-file format.
xpf is a saved preset, but in AudioFileProcessor, you load a sound-file
The sound-file should be in the Samples-folder, and be wave or ogg-forbis
(ao a few 'exotics' i cant remember now....
But you must see the file in the address-line, just as here

The string: aether.wav
points to a file on disk, of that name
Below is the spectrum that ipsum ask you about. also must be there.
Retry, and if you fail come back here :p
Tried that before won't work :o :( :/
You can't load a .xpf as a sound file. Because it isn't a sound file. It doesn't contain any sound information.

Exactly what program/app did you use to do the recording? Can you go back to it and re-save the recording in a proper sound file format? Any recording software should be able to save as a wav and once you have that LMMS will load and play it.

Edit - I've just checked and if it's the Windows 10 Voice Recorder then as standard it saves .m4a files. I don't think LMMS will touch those but there are loads on online apps that will convert from that format to .wav e.g. http://www.zamzar.com/convert/m4a-to-wav/


The .xpf is a preset of one of the LMMS synthesizers (preset for BitInvader, Freeboy, Kicker, LB302, Mallets, Monstro, Nescaline, OpulenZ, Organic, sfxr, SID, TripleOscillator, Vibed, Watsyn or ZynAddSubFX).

The .xpf can not be opened with AudioFileProcessor, Sample Track, Sf2 Player, Patman, VeSTige and Gig Player (I hope I am not mistaken).

As Musikbear says, the AudioFileProcessor can only open the following formats: .wav, .ogg, and .flac (is there another one?).

Once you have loaded a sample into AudioFileProcessor, if you change the directory (in the hard disk) of this sample, you will need to tell AudioFileProcessor where it is located.

Did it work out?

EDIT : once again, slipstick responded while I was writing ... :o
Sorry about that...but between us we do seem to have covered just about everything ;).


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