Volume to loud on first pass of bbe, bug ?

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When I play a project I am working on, the first time it plays a bbe part in the song editor the volume of some stuff in the bbe is too loud, and then goes to the normal volume.

Its as far as I can tell the audiofile processor, playing a drum sample in the bbe.

When I however, move the playhead back and play it again all is fine :o

I also notice this with a project I exported.

LMMS RC 1.3 on Linux (openSUSE leap 42.2, 64 bit )

Now I remember reading some were about an export bug. Is this the one or should I report it, or is there just something wrong with my project. :)
Hi Gps.
Does it also happen, with any of your other old/newer projects?
That question is not so easy to answer, if it happens with older projects too.
Short answer, don't think so.

Long answer:

Most of the old project I load complain about missing stuff.

I know why this happens. This has to do with me having installed LMMS twice, maybe even 3 times :P

I can start 3 versions of lmms, and those have different paths to the sound files and vst.

Off topic:
From this forum I learned you cant do this on windows, on Linux however it is not a problem.
I can start lmms rc 2 and rc 3 for sure and prob the one from openSUSE, but rc 3 is the only one that at least has most working. Noticed something with the automation editor, but they already know about that problem, and its not a show stopper.
There is a problem with the Linux version, and that's how all this started.

One day when I know I have a good working lmms again, I will do some copy pasting and cleaning up, so that my old project will load fine again.

The old projects, I loaded did not have this problem, but as I said had a lot of stuff missing. ( non standard lmms drum samples.
So that might make it a problem with this specific file.
Gps wrote:
Sat Sep 09, 2017 4:58 pm
the first time it plays a bbe part in the song editor the volume of some stuff in the bbe is too loud, and then goes to the normal volume.
Can you make a minimal project with that behaviour?
Also the afp that holds the file, does that show identical wave-spectrum's with 'too-loud' and 'normal'
I am starting to become very confused.

Today it suddenly seems to be gone.

This might be good news, because next time I encounter this, I will try to reboot my pc.
I do remember trying to quit lmms and starting a new session did not solve it.

Although I reported this yesterday, this issue is not new me to me.

Most logical explanation , my pc is haunted. ;)

I think I can explain the issue best as follows.
Its like you have two notes overlapping in the piano roll.

If that's the first note it will sound louder.
But that's also the part were is gets weird, if I put the playhead back and play that same piece again it does not happen.

I will for now have to see, if it returns, and if I can get a better understanding of what and when it happens.

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