Fade-Out effects.

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I'm using LMMS sounds, a couple downloaded sounds and soundfonts for me to rearrange a song. The problem I'm having is I do not know how to perform Fade-In and Fade-Out effects, or atleast a sort of echo effect using the Automation Track for a particular instrument (Cathedral Organ2). Which effect can do this, how do I perform a fade-out effect with it and how do I make it affect only a set of instruments? I did try searching the LMMS Wiki and YouTube videos, but there's so much information it gets overwhelming fast, and I often lose track to where I am within the page, and the information isn't what I'm looking for sometimes. (and some of the YouTube videos don't always make a lot of sense or do not have the information I need).

Thank you.
You can fade a track in or out using an Automation track linked to the track's Volume control. But I'm not sure what that's got to do with an echo effect.

You can almost automate all synthesizers knobs, in LMMS.

For a fade out, I can only repeat what steve said.

For an echo to fade in and out, its the same process, you drag the knob of the thingy that makes the echo into an automation track, you created.

The following link is not completely up to date, but it takes up the essentials concerning automation:

https://lmms.io/wiki/index.php?title=Wo ... Automation

Once these rudiments have been acquired,

If you want to automate the volume of an instrument, you can choose to automate:
- the main volume of the instrument (knob which is to the left of the PAN),
- the volume of an amp that you have previously inserted in the EFFECTS tab of the instrument,
- the volume of an amp that you have previously inserted in the EFFECTS CHAIN tab of a channel of the mixer (channel to which you will have assigned your instrument),
- the volume fader of this mixer channel.

These are different ways of doing things like fade-in/out that do not necessarily lead to the same result.

If you want to automate the volume of a group of instruments, it's the same. However, you will save automation tracks if you manage the automation from the mixer, having a channel dedicated to this group of instruments.
Everything above is true, but you indicate that you want a fade and an echo -so like 'do do do do do' where the loudness falls.
That can be made inside piano-roll.
I made this video about advanced echo-effects for rolling bass's in trance, but the method can be used for your idea too:

You may also like to alter the selection of the wave in runtime
That can be done :

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