Need help(audio file processor)!!!!

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So, I am kinda new to LMMS and I have a question.
I have several tracks in song editor, and i want to import some samples .ogg into audio file processor.
Here is the catch:
I already have the patterns of drums (kick, snare, hihat) but every time i import a sample it gives me a different sound, which sounds like its in a midi form.
When I click on the sound it gives me the right one, but when i play the track that sound changes to the Midi kind of one. Can someone please help me?!
Maybe the green box (at the top of the virtual keyboard) is wrong?
For the sample to be read at its original speed, the green box must be above A4.
Not too sure what you mean by "a MIDI kind of sound" since MIDI doesn't have any sound, it just drives things that make sounds. But perhaps you mean the frequency is changing when you play different notes...if so that's what Audio File Processor is supposed to do.

If you just want to play the sample as it sounds originally then the notes you play or the notes in the piano roll all have to be the exact note that the green square is sitting over. As D.Ipsum says that's normally A4 but it can be anywhere provided the note you play is the note it's on.

Ticpro wrote:
Sun Sep 17, 2017 11:57 pm
So, I am kinda new to LMMS
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You already have the right explanation. The reason is, that audio file processor (AFP) does not change the length of the sample accordingly to pitch. What you need for that is a Sampler
Unfortunately all free VST-samplers that i know of, does not work in lmms. Currently afaik, there is no way to accomplish what you want, except build your own sound-font, and use converted samples for each note in the sound-font. That is a HUGE job!

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