Ample Guitar light free vst, how to use on Linux

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Because I am looking at ways to do a certain guitar riff, I stumbled on this vst. ... II&id=2233

Can we use this vst in LMMS ?

It seems you need to install it, and I did. (in my case through wine because I am on Linux)

That part seemed to work fine, I even had to agree to some microsoft licenses.

I am totally confused though, on what to do next, how to get this vst in lmms ?

I think we all should try this vst.

It looks very promising because we can tell the vst to do an up or down stroke, with certain strings muted or not.
The strumming part is what makes this guitar vst special I think.

If anybody on windows has this working in lmms, I also would like to know how they did it.
Then I can probably do the same on Linux.

The wine part confuses me , the installer did install a .dll file, but from within LMMS, I do not know how to access those folders. ( c:\program files in wine ) :?

For window users it should be allot easier to test if it works in LMMS.
Run the installer and open the .dll file through vestige, I am on Linux lost on how to find that .dll file.

Any thoughts on this?
Seems to work on Win7...which is a bit of a surprise given the HUGE sample size. Obviously I've only given it a quick try but I didn't do anything special just installed the .dll where my VSTs normally are and let it put the samples in it's default folder (all 800Mb of them). It also sticks a load of data in a /Users/username/My Documents/Ample Sound/ folder.

I have no idea how any of that translates to Linux though.

Well at least now I know it works in lmms, thank you.

Maybe Linux musicians is a better place to ask this question.

There must be other linux users who have had this problem with certain vst. (that don't come as just a .dll file)
If the problem is just finding the .dll then the 64 bit is called AGML2.dll and the 32 bit is AGML2x86.dll

Surely there's a way to search for those file names? I could believe it might have problems finding all its other files which seem to be spread around at least 3 different folders but just getting to the dll shouldn't be a problem.

Thank you.

Why could I not find wine from within LMMS ? Because wine is a hidden folder, and the Vestige filebrowser within LMMS, does not show hidden files.

The solution is simple though, in the box type .wine, and then it will show you wine. ( and the virtual C:\ drive )
I could find both .dll but sadly, neither seems to work through wine on Linux.

One dll does not seem to do anything, the other one, causes a windows message that they are sorry but there was a problem.

I might be out of luck with this vst on Linux.

I will google if I can find a solution though.
From the linux mucisians forum I learned a few things.

Carla should work in lmms on Linux, so I can try Carla to load that vst.
( two users there have carla working in LMMS )

Right now though Carla does not seem to work in LMMS for me. When I click show gui, nothing happens.

I might have to compile Carla myself.

I know little to nothing about Carla, but it does have a windows version too, and should be able to load also lv2 plugins.
I am making a bit of progress.

I compiled both Carla and lmms again.

Problem is still there, and also carla control, what ever that is, crashes.

I first want to solve this carla control crashing, and then hunt down what's wrong on the lmms side.
( I have no idea if both problems are related.)

A lmms dev i talked too, suggested that the problem with lmms might be, that cmake can find carla, but lmms can't.

From what I understand about this, a sim link should solve that.

The coder of Carla is already helping me. I got rit of one error with his help, but now my desktop seems to be in the way.

If carla works I have two possibilities to load vst, but also to use the newer calf plugins.

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