Live atomation track recording while recording a track

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I don't know whether it is a bug or a feature but atomation recording in LMMS 1.2.0-rc4 seems to work somewhat weird. What I try to do is to record a melody and some pitch bend and modulation going on the fly. Pitch bend seems to be properly mapped by default, mod wheel maps with no problem and aftertouch does not seem to get recognized at all. Then I create 2 automation tracks and map the virtual knobs on my plugin to the tracks, then mark them as "record on" and open the piano roll because that is the only place where I can find a record button. After that I play at my MIDI keyboard and everything sounds just fine but when I play the track again it apears that no automation has recorded.

But the most strange thing is that if I stop recording and just push a play button in the song editor window then if I turn my wheels the automation does get recorded. Even though the same play button in the piano roll that only plays the track I just recorded does not allow to record automation as well.

So now I am guesing what am I doing wrong? Is it correct to record automation in a playback mode and not to record it in a record mode? And most importantly is there any way to make LMMS record notes and automation tracks at the same time?

Cirill wrote:
Mon Nov 06, 2017 12:29 am
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What I try to do is to record a melody
Need to stop you right there :p
Unfortunately LMMS does not have recording abilities.
The automation-recording is for flowingly making an automation-track: ... Automation
In order to record, you need a program like Audacity (recommend)
just push a play button in the song editor window then if I turn my wheels the automation does get recorded.

That is how it is supposed to work.
So now I am guesing what am I doing wrong?
Nothing at all, you just expect 'record' to mean something else, and that is absolutely understandable! What LMMS IS doing is much more a 'capturing' of UI-usage patterns, than a recording

Real recording will come, but it is not scheduled
I've found out what was wrong! I am not sure whether I am an idiot or the GUI has some strange things in it or maybe it is both.

I do understand that LMMS does not record actual sound even though it would be nice to have the functionality. It records events and that is what I need. It records notes just fine. I can tweak and play them again using the same instrument to get the same sound output which I can export for further polishing and mixing with other stuff. It can also record automation even though LMMS does it in a strange manner. What it did not seem to do is recording both at the same time. For me it looked like what I needed to do is to somehow press both the "record" button in the piano roll and the "play" button in the song editor at the same time but that is what I could not do.

Today it apeared to me that the round play button in the piano roll is not a play button at all even though its icon tells that it is. In fact it works like a record button and just like the record button I need. So in the end the only thing wrong with the LMMS was the default button icons, even though if automation tracks do not get recorded with the sample track they are logically connected to, the ones they are set up to automate, when the "record" record button is pressed, then I don't see why would I even need the button. Fortunately it is not a big issue and there is even a way to change default GUI "theme" to a "classic" one by changing the corresponding path in the settings window so no more issues with the strange icon as well.

But thanks for the reply anyway.

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