LMMS 1.2 recording vocals?

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Hey I'm new too this so I'm sorry if I'm doing something wrong.
Anyhow I love Lmms it is great even though it is free and you don't find things like that often lol.
I was thinking of downloading lmms 1.2 because I wanted more out of lmms especial the option to
be able to record my voice or instruments. I want to know if that is possible in this version. also is it safe because
its a beta and it says unstable ? :/
Hi some guy,

At the moment it is not possible to record audio with lmms. But in the last days we made a progress in this issue. It looks very promising. I guess the 1.3 release will have this feature. In the meantime you should use the alternates which will be offered here in the forum. The most user use audacity for recording audio.
You already been helped on the record issue
It is free, solid and are well maintained
We dont hesitate to recommend it :
But you also ask
some guy wrote:
Wed Nov 08, 2017 1:16 am
is it safe because its a beta and it says unstable ? :/
Well, yes it is safe, but there are bugs, so you should make it a habit to save your project when you have made changes.
Besides that, since you are new here Welcome to the forum some guy! Here are all our important links:
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