Detuning Entire Piano Roll?

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I was watching some videos on buildups and the coolest sounding part is when the snare becomes higher and higher pitch, and I really want to make something that sounds like that. The only issue is that it takes so long to detune an entire build-up of snares. I know three is a way to do this in FL Studio, but how about LMMS? If not, tell me and I will post it in Suggestions.

In LMMS, there are few possibilities:

- With Ctrl+A you select all the notes present in the piano-roll and you can move the selection.
- With the mouse it's the same (use the selection tool or Ctrl+Left click), except that you can select from one to all the notes present in the piano-roll.
- You can do PITCH automations.
- You can assign this PITCH to an LFO.
- You can work with several clones of your snare, each clone having its own PITCH value.
MickeyMoose555 wrote:
Wed Nov 08, 2017 5:16 pm
the coolest sounding part is when the snare becomes higher and higher pitch
Well you can try Ipsums idears, but it will not sound like the ones you refer to.
The reason is that changing lmms pitch, will change the sound length
A real build of this type depends on only changing pitch
So then what?
Dont use a sample -Find a melodic snare!
Several exists in various vsts, (Synth1 f.o.) but you can also build your own in zasfx, Srx, and i would believe kicker and monstro, but a lot of vst has a 'percussion emulation', but remember, it must be one with different sound on different notes eg a melodic snare
If you cant find one let me know

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