Linux Mint: Trouble connecting Evolution MK-149 keyboard

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Hi Guys,
I'm so close to connecting my Evolution MK-149 but it won't quite work.

Ver 1.1.3 on Mint 18.1.
ON the edit>settings>Midi the keybd doesn't appear. DO I need a driver from some place?
if I use ALSA Sequencer it kind of sees it BUT in the setting from a triple osc for example
i get nothing even after selecting all the options from the Enable midi input drop down,
If I select 20:0 the system gos crazy like all the keys are being pressed at once.

What am I doing wrong?
Cobwobbler wrote:
Sat Aug 04, 2018 2:17 pm
connecting my Evolution MK-149
We do have a chapter on connecting keyboards:
But your issue could be with linux mint, and there i am an illiterate
Yes, I read that section before I posted. My version of mint is old so I'll do an upgrade and try again. Cheers for the help.
Problem solved guys n gals!!
You know how they say you get what you pay for? Well I bought a cheap midi cable on Amazon and that had half the components missing, a common problem with cheap cables.
I got a real midi cable from PMT in Northampton and it works a treat. Cost about £19 but worth it, now I can play my new keyboard.
So don't buy cheap midi cables.....
Congratz :)