I cant seem to copy and paste automatons

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so I've been working on lmms rc6 for quite some time now, and my problem is that I cant seem to copy paste automatons by holding down the control button. Frankly this is frustrating because I'm trying to make an automation to modulate the frequency knob in the triple oscillator for every two bars but to make it again and again is really time consuming. does anyone else have this problem or only me? and can anybody fix this issue?

Plus I'm having some issues with the side-chain too, in the sense that one of my side-chained pianos is like "clicking"?!
I'm not sure for the right terminology. So basically there is a click associated with the sidechain which is not due to hard clipping definitely. I'm ready to send the project file to anyone who is interested to help!

thanks for reading,
maskeo wrote:
Tue Sep 11, 2018 2:18 pm
I cant seem to copy and paste automatons