Bug report for RC8

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Where do i report Bug fixes for the most recent Windows 64bit RC8 version of LMMS?

I am working off Windows 8.1 Pro, Intel core i5-3317U processor Microsoft Surface

I had loaded up a VST using Vestige (Venom 303), the mistake i made was i was just experimenting with it but had loaded it up in the song i am working on at the moment.

I closed my Laptop without shutting down which usually puts it into sleep mode, when i opened it back up again, it had removed one of my samples that i had all through my song with note arrangements, reverb etc and pasted the lot onto Vestige.

The result being i had to import my sample sound again and copy and past all the sections from Vestige back into my sample sound to get my song back the way it was.

I have three other VST's on the song with Vestige all part of the song that seem to be working fine.

Is it a bug with Vestige? The Plugin itself (Venom 303)? or LMMS?
Incorruptable wrote:
Mon Mar 11, 2019 4:13 pm
Is it a bug with Vestige? The Plugin itself (Venom 303)? or LMMS?
None of the above.
When you sleep your pc, you will see those kind of glitches. Those are windows related. Ofcause also the software involved play a role, but the event that made this actually happen, was you setting your PC to sleep-state, without saving all open program-files.

forgot -Bugs can be reported on tracker
But often there is no bug, so right here is a good place to report a suspected bug
Thanks for that, i will have to get out of that bad habit of simply closing my screen with everything open and running.